Monday, October 24, 2011

On the Trail With Frank: Clean Politics

Dear Friends & Neighbors-

Over the past few years we have seen Whitefish politics turn dirty. Generally, our candidates have not caused the problems; surrogates in the form of political action committees have tried to mislead voters and personally attack opponents.

Most Whitefish voters don't like these tactics and they only serve to increase voter anger and diminish voter participation. I've never engaged in negative campaigning and I never will. Nor do I want surrogates being negative on my behalf.

Negativity takes its toll on all of us. It confuses voters through confusing messaging and leads folks to make decisions they would not have made if they had true information before them. Even worse, negative campaigns can do real damage to our City. Let me explain: When some recent mailers claimed that Whitefish taxes and expenditures are too high (claims that are clearly false), prospective employers could interpret Whitefish as a bad place for business.

Additionally, voters might see the false statements as a reason to defeat a future high school bond issue. It is the height of selfishness to sacrifice our prosperity and our children's education for the sake of some short-term political advantage.

Whitefish is small enough and good enough to refrain from dirty politics. As a candidate and a councilman, I will never go negative. I believe in open government where citizen's concerns are heard and folks feel appreciated in the process.
Note: The election ballot is mail-in only. Ballots will be sent out on October 19th and must be returned by mail or to city hall by November 8th. You must be registered to vote at your current address to receive your ballot.