Sunday, October 16, 2011

On the Trail With Frank: Water Quality

Let me state the obvious: Water quality is important to the future of Whitefish. We get our drinking water from Whitefish Lake, we recreate there, and visitors come to our town to experience the beauty of Whitefish Lake. As a community, we must do whatever it takes to assure the quality of our Lake. It is essential to our economic well-being.

We have good institutions in place to help oversee water quality. The Whitefish Lake and Lakeshore Protection Committee regulates what can be built in the lakeshore zone, as well as what flora can be removed and how lawns are fertilized. The City Council should support their work by supporting vigorous enforcement of our regulations including levies of fines for violations.

All Lakeshore regulations must rational and clear. City employees must be up to speed on the purpose of Lakeshore regulations, as well as how they should be enforced. Our recent past has taught us that our citizens will not accept burdensome or misunderstood regulations.

Formed in 2005, the Whitefish Lake Institute is a non-profit organization that does scientific research and water quality monitoring on our Lake. WLI also conducts education programs in our schools and elsewhere to protect and improve water quality and fish habitat. The City has been supportive of WLI in the past and continued support is important.

We cannot just hope that our Lake will be healthy and clean. Active stewardship is necessary to assure that pride in Whitefish Lake is well deserved.
Note: The election ballot is mail-in only. Ballots will be sent out on October 19th and must be returned by mail or to city hall by November 8th. You must be registered to vote at your current address to receive your ballot.