Friday, November 4, 2011

On the trail with Frank: Wrap-up

Dear Friends & Neighbors-

The final day of this long election will soon be upon us. If you supported me with your vote, I truly appreciate it. If elected, I will prove to you that you voted well.

If you have not yet voted, please do so before Tuesday afternoon and drop off your ballot at Whitefish City Hall. Also, please consider voting for John Muhlfeld for Mayor, and Richard Hildner and John Anderson for City Council.

Let's not forget that part of this process involves having fun. Muhlfeld, Hildner and Anderson will be joining me on Sunday from 4PM to 6PM, at the Great Northern Bar to celebrate a well-fought campaign. A keg of beer has been provided to serve all of our friends and supporters. Please stop by and join us. It will be great to see you.

Tuesday evening, beginning around 8 PM, we will all be at the same Great Northern Bar to watch the vote count and be with our friends. Please join us then, as well.

Whitefish is a wonderful place to live and work. I look forward to serving you once again on the Whitefish City Council.
Note: The election ballot is mail-in only. Ballots will be sent out on October 19th and must be returned by mail or to city hall by November 8th. You must be registered to vote at your current address to receive your ballot.